Akashic Records Wealth Healing Trilogy

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This program requires 3 sessions a minimum of 1 week apart for integration and healing. It gives you time to process and allow for other things to arise that may need help in releasing.

The past session includes past life contracts or vows around wealth that you may not be aware of which is why this is done in the first session. Once the past has been cleared and the positive mindset, attitude and beliefs around money have been brought forth into this timeline.

The childhood session we go back to a time when you first formed mindsets, beliefs and attitudes around money. This session can be emotional and very profound as you discover what that holds for you. We will pinpoint what happened and how it affected you, what beliefs are tied to that situation and the go through the process of releasing the pain that was caused and finally integrate the lessons and takeaways from the situation and reframe and limiting beliefs into positive ones. This can sometimes be very emotional depending on what occurred and the level of impact.

The present session allows for manifestation. Bringing in what you are now ready to receive. It is like switching on the switch to a magnetic force within you. By releasing the past and childhood mindsets, beliefs and attitudes and reframing into positive ones your level of vibration has been raised thus helping you at attract abundance into your life.